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Bowie Dick Test Pack

Biological indicators are test systems containing viable microorganisms providing a defined resistance to a specific sterilization process. A biological indicator provides information on whether necessary conditions were met to kill a specified number of microorganisms for a given sterilization process, providing a level of confidence in the process. Plasma Biological Indicator (4APBI) is specifically designed for the monitoring of Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization processes. The final readout should be made after 24hours of incubation at 60+/- 2 °C.

PCD & Helix

PCD- Helix Load Control Test has a self adhesive indicator on the far end. The PCD test kit has a 1 m long hose, and the Helix test kit has a 1.5 m long hose. There are 100 indicators in each package. In this product used for load control, the adhesive indicator is placed at the far end of the test apparatus, steam inlet only can be at the beginning of the hose and it can reach the chemical indicator at the end of the hose by passing at a single point. If the chemical indicator color change is achieved despite the difficult conditions, it is an important reference for the sterilization process in that load and should be recorded as a record for the successful sterilization of the load.

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