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Type 4 Steam Chemical Indicators are the indicators used inside sterilization packages during the steam sterilization and when multi parameters are obtained, the color turns into its referance color. 4A Type 4 Steam Chemical Indicators allow the end user to identify incorrect packaging, loading problems and sterilization failures. Besides standard Type 4 Steam Chemical Indicator we also have Self Adhesive Type 4 Steam Chemical Indicator with self adhesive feature on the back for easier documentation as well as Perforated Type 4 Steam Chemical Indicator Note: Products can be produced with your trademark.

Protein Test

Pro Test which is developed by our company, is an indicator which can be used safely at hospitals to determinate the effectiveness of the washing disinfection operations before sterilization. Protein residues on medical equipment are profiled by bacteries which results with an increase in the number of bacteria that causes a drawback for a proper sterilization. In addition, these kind of residues on these medical equipment are the sign of life forms that causes the risk for infection. To prevent these kind of infections, identification and cleaning of protein residues are obligatory.

Cannula Control

Cannula Control tests the effectiveness of washing devices as simulations of cannulated control lumen instruments. Thanks to the Cannula Control product, foresight (information) about the cleaning of the interior of lumen instruments is obtained. Washer Test Indicator is used to test the performance of the washing device. It is understood that the inner parts of lumen instruments are not cleaned if there is a blood stain on the test indicator.

Hemo test

Before the sterilization process of medical equipment and surgical instruments, there is a prewashing procedure. By the means of this procedure, blood residues remaining on especially surgical instruments that cause cross infection is surely cleaned. After Washing/Disinfection steps, there might be some residues or contaminants left in varying colors that can be observed. It is very essential to identify if the residue is of blood or corrosion, in order to carry out sterilization properly or otherwise to dispose the equipment. This blood residue test developed in our laboratories is an indicator which changes color only with a specific enzyme in the blood. By using this test, it is very easy to identify trace amounts of blood. Without a need of long incubation time, our test is able to identify up to~0.1micrograms of blood in residue, faster than any other test methods, that is as short as 10 seconds

Washer Test

Cleaning and disinfection are critical aspects of the instruments reprocessing loop. That is why Washer Test is designed for validation and the routine monitoring of the cleaning efficiency of cleaning processes in washer disinfectors for surgical instruments. Washer Test is for fast and clear visual assessment of cleaning resuts. Each washer test is single use only. offers 3 different types of washing tests: Washer Test: This Washing Test does not have its own plastic frame, so it is necessary to use other frames or boxes. For this Washing Test is also manufacturing Wash Test Holder. Washer Test with Glass: Washer Test with Glass has its own frame and does not need any other frame or box. PLS Washer Test Indicator (4APLS): PLS Washer Test Indicator has been carefully designed to perform in an equivalent manner to ‘test soils’ by providing a realistic multiple challenge for the washer disinfector machine.

Washer Test Frame

PLS Washer Test

Washer Test (Glass)

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