Skilled Nursing

Visiting Nursing Service

This is to provide skilled nursing care to the patients at home continuously or intermittently. This is supervised and guided by doctors

Objectives of skilled nursing care to the chronically ill patients at home are:

To maintain continued clinical care at home so that patient remains in stable condition at home, avoiding frequent hospitalization with complications. This allows the patient to recuperate consistently, and achieves improved quality of life.

Some of the skilled nursing services provided are:

The instruction and guidance in our clinical management pathway will greatly enhance a patient’s knowledge of his or her disease condition, and will significantly improve their ability to handle it. Some of the resulting key benefits include:

  • Assessment and Evaluation of patient’s condition.
  • Delivering doctor’s instructions related to disease management of patient.
  • Wound Management.
  • Naso-gastric tube feeding or Enterostomal Therapy.
  • Care and Maintenance of Urinary Catheters.
  • Venipuncture and IV Antibiotics, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), enteral nutrition- hydration, chemotherapy, pain management, immunoglobulin therapy.
  • Respiratory medications including nebulization, giving suction of upper respiratory tract, tracheostomy management, etc.
  • Administration of Intravenous, Intramuscular, and Subcutaneous Medications, I.V. infusion of fluid, blood transfusion, etc.
  • Care of Central Lines.

Patient and Family Education on:

  • Medication Administration.
  • Disease Process Management.
  • Diet Management.