Senior Care

Senior Care Program

Senior people are a very specific group of people who needs special care and attention to maintain better quality of life. They often have multitude of chronic clinical problems and age related conditions which require continued clinical as well as supportive care to keep them in stable condition. This is to avoid any life-threatening complication to occur which could lead to hospitalization for treatment. Frequent hospitalization is financially draining, emotionally stressful for the family members, and causes unfavorable outcome for the patient. Atlantic Medworld has developed wide range of continued clinical and supportive care seamlessly integrated to achieve optical health outcomes and to fit individual requirements of each and every patient.

A doctor from Atlantic Medworld will work with you as your case manager, and will help you to coordinate, arrange and deliver required services. Our doctor plays keystone role by coordinating the care provided by an increasing number of disparate specialists and technicians, each of whom is concerned with only a single aspect of an individual’s overall medical condition. As a keystone, a Case Manager oversees these interactions professionally and ties them together as cost-effectively as possible, just as a keystone unites and caps the sides of a structure.

Our specialists evaluate your loved one’s condition and needs, and work with family caregivers and the patient’s doctors to develop a plan that is best for you and your family, whether at home or in a facility. This can be extremely reassuring to those who have an aging family member in Bangladesh, but live far away or are unable to arrange the often varied service requirements of an elderly loved one.

Provide overall health assessment and coordination:

  • Work with the patient’s doctors and other health care providers
  • Develop a “plan of care,” from health care services to household support
  • Create a long-term care plan based on your needs and preferences
  • Coordinate and deliver required services assigning skilled staff and providing equipment support if needed
  • Proactively monitor patient’s condition to keep him in stable condition

Provide skilled nursing care:

  • Manage care for age-related illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Administer respiratory therapies
  • Provide stroke rehabilitation
  • Monitor general health and help manage medications
  • Help order medical supplies and equipment

Provide support with daily living and household management:

  • Help with bathing and dressing, feeding
  • Perform household chores such as laundry and light cleaning
  • Maintain personal hygiene of the patient
  • Maintain mobility of the patient to improve general level of functioning

This close cooperation between patient’s family and caregivers of Atlantic Medworld ensures consistent recuperation of the patient at home and improves quality of life. Atlantic Medworld thus will free you from the burden of taking care of a seriously ill person at home, and will allow you to maintain your own daily routines.

Research beyond the business plan

  • Provide round-the-clock nursing at home or in a facility
  • Supplement nursing home care
  • Provide palliative care services
  • Offer emotional support and counseling