Physiotherapy & Rehab

Physiotherapy & Rehab

Physiotherapy and other Rehabilitation Services are to help patient to recover from disabling conditions, like stroke, cardiac surgery, disability, physical injury, etc.

Objective of physical therapy and rehabilitation services is to help the patient recuperate consistently, and to regain optimum level of functionality.

Services include:

  • Complete physical assessment of the patient and the patient’s environment.
  • The establishment of an individualized plan of treatment with input from the patient and the patient’s caregivers.
  • Individualized training and instruction to patients and the caregivers.
  • A complete range of therapeutic exercises which are individualized to meet the particular needs of specific patients.
  • Use of specialized equipments and tools of physical therapy as required and advised by therapist.
  • Speech-language therapy to patients with speech problems.
  • Counseling of patient with emotional lability.