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Container Filter

Container Filters are soft and porous single use medical grade paper filters used with sterilization containers in clinics and hospitals for sterilization by autoclaving of instruments and other materials for surgical use. They are suitable with all types of containers and baskets. Container Filters are placed in the lid and body of the sterilization container to allow steam penetration during sterilization and to maintain sterility post sterilization. Circular shape container filters and rectangular shape container filters. Rectangular shape container filters have assortments of 120mm x 230mm and 165mm x 230mm.

Container Label

Container Labels are an important aid to label and mark the container. Container Label with process indicator is used to place outside each container for an easy identification of the content. Details like sterilization date, sterilization expiry date, operator’s name, lot number, autoclave details can be written down on the label. The chemical process indicator is giving the indication whether it has been sterilized or not.

Security Seal With Indicator

Security Seals are used in order to secure the container for opening by un-authorized staff. Container can be opened only by breaking the seal. Security seals are guaranteeing the sterility of materials from the moment of sterilization till the actual use.

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