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Av Fistula Needle

A.V. fistula needles set are indicated for use in conjunction with a connector of Hemodialysis blood tubing set. AV Fistula Needles used to connect blood lines to the blood vessel through needle when dialysis is carried out via an internal fistula.Flexible butterfly wings are for proper fixation. Color coded wings for easy identification of needle sizes. Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC tubing during dialysis and Haemodialysis Process.


Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Lines

For Continuous Haemofiltration & slow control of body fluids,along with the removal of electrolytes, by ultra filtration / diffusion over an extended period. Used in conditions such as multiorgan failure & acute renal diseases. Design Options available : CAVH, CVVH, CAVHD, CVVHD,CAVHDF, & CVVHDF.


Dialysis Catheter Kits

Dialysis Catheter Kits contain dialysis catheters with marked lengths, color coded clamps,luer connection hubs, protector caps, etc. Available as both Straight & Curved catheter types.


Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Sets

Hemodialysis Blood tubing set has been specially designed for the patient to connect external system which extracts patient's blood to the dialyzer and then returns patient's blood from the dialyzer.Haemodialysis Blood Lines specially used for continous blood supplies during haemodialysis process. These Hemodialysis Blood line set are CE and ISO certificate made of medical grand PVC, non-toxic material.For hemodialysis process these blood lines act as the blood channel during blood purification treatment.Medical grade PVC tube, ensure the biggest safety on human body and can easily equipped with different dialysis machines.



Transducer protectors are used in Hemodialysis blood lines to keep the blood side of the circuit separated from the machine side and to prevent contamination of the machine by the blood flowing through the circuit. Transducer Protector is a good protective barrier for pressure monitoring during haemodialysis.


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