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Concept Note Opportunities in Medical Tourism Sector in Nigeria By- Dr. Zafar Sultan, Reader Northwest University, Kano, Nigeria

Nigeria is a populous nation situated in the western side of African continent. Its total population according to the 2013 estimate is 174,507,5391 , seventh largest in the world. The population density is 189 persons per square kilometre. The country is inhabited by over 500 ethnic groups of which three largest ones are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. In 2014, Nigeria's economy (GDP) becomes the largest in Africa, worth more than $500billion and overtook South Africa to become the world's 26th largest economy.

Health care and general living conditions in Nigeria are poor. Life expectancy is 52 years (Average male/female) and just over half the population has access to potable water and appropriate sanitation. The percentage of children under five had gone up between 1990 and 2003 and infant mortality is 97.1 deaths per 1000 live births. Prevelance of HIV is in double digit and in the age group on 20-29 years it is 5.6%. the country suffers from periodic outbreaks of cholera, malaria, sleeping sickness and recently Ebola. Polio is still present in Nigeria.

The Nigerian healthcare sector is critically "sick". Federal medical centres and teaching hospitals remain ill-equipped, understaffed and under-funded. The increased burden of preventable diseases such as polio, malaria, cholera and heart-related disease has now-stretched Nigeria's healthcare facilities and is complicated by rampant corruption and inadequate knowledge. Lack of improvement in medical services is forcing more and more Nigerians, who can afford it, to seek better healthcare services abroad.


Medical Tourism In Middle East and India

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  • Visa assistance
  • Accomodation assistance for attentence and other family members
  • Constant guidance in person (on demand) and telephonic
  • Sim card assistance
  • Preliminary report discussions and appointments
  • Post-medical attention and recuperating activities

Table 1. Comparison of Nigerian Healthcare System with the world average


Health Expenditure and Resource Adequacy Indicators


Africa Avg.

Low to Middle Income Countries Avg.


Govt. expenditure on health (% of total)





Pvt. Expenditure on health (% of total)





No. of Physician (/10,000 people)





No. of Nurses & Midwives (/10,000 people)





No. of Dentist (/10,000 people)





No. of Pharmacist (/10,000 people)




Source: WHO Health Statistics 2011


In short, we can summarize the present healthcare scenario in Nigeria as, where one have the ability to spend upon ones need of health care but most of the times, lack of confidence on the system, long wait times for certain procedures and improper diagnosis coupled by inadequate facility leads to look other avenues to fulfil these lacunas in the home turf. One of the most tried and trusted method is to seek medical attention in other countries.

Initially supposed to be affordable by few elites in Nigerian, medical tourism is coming up in a big in Nigeria with more and more people looking off-shores to address their health needs. The exodus of patient seeking medical attention abroad is not only witnessed in Nigeria rather from developed countries such as US, UK and other European countries as well. Cost effective treatment is one of the prime reason due to which patients from such countries are now reaching to medically developed (but cost efficient) countries such as India, Egpyt, Singapore and Malaysia.

Medical procedures performed in medical tourism destinations are a frication of the price they do in the first world. For example, liver transplant that cost 300,000 USD in USA costs only $91,000 in Taiwan. Many people are attracted towards Medical Tourism due to convenience and speed of getting treatment. Countries that operate public health-care systems are often so taxed that it can take considerable time to get non-urgent medical care. In Canada nearly 782,936 Canadians spend time on wait list in 2005, waiting for an average of 9.4 weeks and national waiting time for hip replacement and cataract surgery is 26 an 16 weeks respectively.

A heart valve surgery could cost $ 200000 or more in USA while the same just $10,000 in India and it includes round trip fare and brief vacation package as well. Similarly, a metal-free dental bridge costs $5500 in the US while it costs just $500 in India. Lasik eye surgery in US costs 3700 USD while it is less than $500 in India. There are so many examples where the patients have got better treatment in Asian destinations than in their native countries.

India is emerging as the ultimate destination for global health tourists. It is most attented across the global for specialized medical treatment abroad with over 20,000 patients monthly across the globe. Over 750 Nigerians travel to Indian hospitals monthly out of nearly 2400 africans. Nearly 7000 patients also travel to Middle and Far east from Africa on an average monthly. India is comparatively still cheaper than its neighbouring countries like Thailand and Singapore. Table 2, compares the price of heart valve replacement in these countries.

Table 2. Comparison of some treatment cost in asian countries (in USD)

S. No.






Heart Valve Replacement





Spinal Fusion




Keeping in mind that Nigeria is a country where going abroad for treatment is a common occurrence and local people are more inclined in getting treatments abroad than in their home country, it offers a great opportunity of doing business in this sector. It was recorded by personal references that normally for ailments like hip-joint replacements, knee joint replacements and other common ones an average Nigerian keeps 3million to 5million as budget for the treatment in India. It is interesting to note that these treatments cost far less then this amount in India. It is therefore of importance to note that such persons when come back from India, they inform their peers about the lesser cost of treatment in India, thus promoting more and more patients to go to India.

India Govt. had introduced a medical visa having a fee of USD 127 for Nigerian nationals and is valid for one year. A person can travel for three times on the same visa for seeking medical attention and consequent follow ups.

Some common bottlenecks as experienced by normal Nigerians is lack of professionals in this sector who can address their queries and give them guidance regarding the issues involved in it. There are some cases of cheating and online frauds also when the Nigerians tried to seek contact in India or with other Doctors.

Henceforth, we can conclude that the medical tourism sector is an emerging sector in Nigeria and have far reaching effect on the population. If managed professionally, any service in this sector can bring great dividends to the service provider. Governments of both countries could work more closely in order to give better health care and economics to its citizens.

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Table 3. Cost Comparison
Medical Procedure USA (USD) Mexico (USD) Cost Rica (USD) India (USD) Korea (USD)
Angioplasty 57000 17100 14000 3300 21600
Heart Bypass 144000 21000 26000 5200 260000
Heart Valve Replacement 170000 31000 31000 5500 38000
Knee replacement 50000 11500 12000 6200 19000
Hip resurfacing 30000+ 13400 13000 7000 22900
Hip Replacement 43000 13800 13000 7000 18450
Breast Implants 10000 9000 4000 3500 13600
Rhinoplasty 8000 5000 6000 4000 6000
Lap Brand/ Bariatric 8000 9200 9000 3000 11500
Hysterectomy 15000 7500 6000 2500 11000
Dental Implant 11000 1000 1100 1000 2000
Spinal Fusion 100000 11500 15400 6500 12000
Gastric Sleeve 28700 9995 10500 5000 Not Provided
Face Lift 15000 4900 6000 4000 15300
Gastric Bypass 32927 10950 12500 5000 Not Provided
Tummy Luck 9750 4025 5300 3000 Not Provided
Liposuction 9000 2800 3900 2800 Not Provided
Lasik 4400 1995 1800 500 6000
IVF Treatment 14500 3950 2800 3250 2180
Cornea Not Provided Not Provided 4200 Not Provided 7000


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